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How to Apply

Application checklist

How to apply to our college

Once you are ready to apply, follow the steps below.

1. Complete the online application form

2. Submit the application form

Remember to attach any evidence or documents we need and pay any application fee (if it’s relevant to the class you are applying for). We won’t be able to process your application fully until we have received everything we need.

3. Await our response

We acknowledge your application by email within 24 hours. From then, we aim to respond within five working days.

4. Register online and pay the class fees

You have until the registration deadline to accept an offer and pay your initial fees.

Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements for O Level New Students

  1. Five pieces of attire for week end wear (White blouses/shirts and Ankle length skirts for girls. Then boys white shirts/T-shirts and black trousers)
  2. Games wear
  3. A pair of black shoes
  4. A light blue apron fro girls
  5. Form mattress 3″x 4″ with Mackintosh
  6. A mug or cup, plate, folk and spoon
  7. A basin or bucket and a Jerry can.
  8. A bible (Good News), Mathematical Set, Advanced Learners Dictionary
  9. An electric iron with a three pin plug
  10. 20 Black books
  11. A peeling knife (for girls only)
  12. A pair of gumboots
  13. Three bars of soap
  14. Five rolls of toilet paper
  15. Two medium sized tubes of toothpaste
  16. Four packets of sanitary towels (girls)
  17. Two Art books and one Technical Drawing Book
  18. At least two graph books.

Basic Requirements For A Level New Students

  1. A pair of black shoes and a black belt for boys
  2. A dark blue apron with a white lace around it and a knife by girls only)
  3. Games wear, black or white shorts
  4. Form Mattress (3.5″x 4″) with Macintosh
  5. Five decent clothings (5 white shirts/blouses and 5 black pairs of trousers/black long skirts ankle length as casual)
  6. A pair of Pyjamas or night dress
  7. A pair of sandals/slippers
  8. A mug, fork and spoon
  9. Five tablets of bathing soap
  10. A bible
  11. Advanced Learners Dictionary
  12. A 3-pin plug electric iron
  13.  A Jerrycan and a basin or bucket
  14. Come & Worship prayer book and Uganda Youth Praise
  15. Gumboots
  16. Three bars of soap
  17. Ten toilet papers and enough sanitary towels for girls
  18. Two medium sized tubes of tooth paste
  19. Laboratory white coat for Biology, physics and Chemistry students
  20. Dissecting kit (Biology)
  21. Enough Black books and a ream of graph papers for science and geography students.


What's Next


Ask your Questions and we will reply within 24 Hours


Apply to our school, the requirements for the admissions are all there