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We call upon the parents to be involved in the character formation and counseling of the children during holidays.

Ms. Namiiro Harriet M.B

Message from the Direct of studies on Academic excellence

Academic excellence is the degree of being successful in one’s studies and having contentment in the examinations. However, there are hindrances to academic excellence namely, lack of focus and self-drive and being affected by negative peer influence and other social factors. Besides, hindrance to high achievement is brought about by lack of personal timetable for revision, prep and /or free time.

Boy-girl relationship

Moreover, indecent boy-girl relationship and misguided friendships have a negative impact on performance. Having an I don’t care-attitude also causes performance challenge because such people do not listen to advice. An organized student should file past papers; without this, they will find it hard to improve because they do not focus on correcting mistakes. Similarly, being noisy and disorderly, for example, when there is no teacher in class, is a hindrance to academic excellence.

Attaining Academice excellence

However, in order to attain academic excellence one needs to: Make a personal timetable for daily revision and this can be achieved by having a goal in life and knowing how best to attain it. A goal-oriented student should avoid un-focused company and learn from past failures. It is important to consult teachers and colleagues on topics found hard to understand.

focus on positivity

A serious student should ignore negative comments and focus on their goal; and always put God first. In addition, one should read the question and understand it before answering; and should attempt all questions without leaving gaps in examination scripts. Listening to advice and correction from teachers and other responsible fellow students is a mark of a successful student.

Final Remark

A focused student should be attentive and should avoid dodging lessons. Likewise, you should keep all your notes and be organized in record keeping.

Finally, identify students that are better than you and learn from them. Mostly importantly, have a positive competitive scheme towards excellence. Remember that discipline is the key to excellence.


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