Fees & Tuition Information

1 S.1 1,548,700 1,548,700
2 S.2 1,124,700 109,000 1,233,700
3 S.3 1,124,700 109,000 1,233,700
4 S.4 1,124,700 123,000 109,000 1,356,700
5 S.5 1,548,700 1,548,700
6 S.6 1,124,700 181,000 1,305,700


Basic Requirements:

Every student must bring the following: –

  1. Five pieces of attire are required in school for weekend wear and wear after classes. These must be white blouses/ shirts and ankle length black skirts/ black trousers. Jeans and any other fancy clothes will not be allowed.
  2. Games wear; (i) Black or white shorts. (ii) A T-shirts provided by the school.
  3. A pair of black
  4. A light blue apron for girls.
  5. (i) form mattress 3” x 4” with Mackintosh (Mackintosh mattress covers will be on sale at school at 50,000/=)
    (iii) bed sheets
    (iv) towel (v) A pair of pajamas/ nightdress
    (vi) A pair of slippers.
  6. A Mug or Cup, Plate Fork and Spoon.
  7. A basin or bucket and a jerry can.
  8. A Bible (Good News); Mathematical Set, Advanced Learners Dictionary.
  9. An electric iron with a three pin plug (where possible)
  10. 20 black books.
  11. A peeling knife (for girls only)
  12. A pair of sports shoes.
  13. Three bars of soap
  14. A pair of gumboots
  15. Five rolls of toilet papers.
  16. Two medium sized tubes of toothpaste
  17. Four of sanitary towel (girls)
  18. Two art books and one technical drawing book
  19. At least two graph books.